Craptions Classics June 13, 2010

Both of these men are actively studying manholes


Other Craptions

Marui and Lu Ichi were considered the best Plumbers in Tokyo. If anyone could save the princess it was the super Marui Brothers.


"Can you see Lindsay Lohan's acting career yet?"

Alex Hanton

Lee had tried to convince his dad he wasn't gay, and chose a really masculine job. He thought.


Wong just had to wait for the lotion guy to show up and he would be all set.


Dude what happens in the red cones stays in the red cones


Don't worry, Chen, even if my knee slips, your legs will still be pinned down by my erection.


"Once this tunnel to the other side of the Earth is complete, America will pay for all those tentacle rape jokes against us!"


The G-spot sure can be a bitch to find


It had always been Zhong's greatest fantasy to enter the manhole of a man entering a manhole.


This is an ass, that is a hole in the ground. Got it now?


"Hey Haruki, why don't you grab my heels with your hands? Pinning me down with your legs feels weird. Haruki? Why are you breathing so heavily?"


Okay this is officially the worst trust-building exercise I've ever taken part in.

Alex Hanton

Hey stop with the "manhole" jokes. We're working here!


Kim Jong Il is never unprepared for an rebellion by his people, he already has an escape route planned.

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