Craptions Classics May 26, 2010

The opening scene to Fellowship of the Ring looks a lot different without CGI.


Other Craptions

I was okay with my husband stuffing his prized horses, but when Grandpa died, he crossed a line.

Kelly Robinson

I hate it when my Dad picks me up from school...


When I said we needed a couple of pieces of ass for our road trip, what I meant was ... forget it. This is fine.


"You know what? The next person to ask me 'how many horsepower does it have?' is getting shot in the teeth."


"Not only are we not sending you and your vehicle back anywhere, we are firing you from the Time Travel program until you start taking this seriously."

Kamikaze Phoenix

I don't like these "fuel efficient" cars GM is coming out with these days.


As punishment for the Gulf Spill, these will be replacing all BP corporate jets.


Amazingly, Macgyver made this out of only duct tape, a tube of toothpaste, three onion rings, and the Tall Man from Phantasm.


"Didst thou order a pizza? Because it appeareth that I have one here with extra meat..."

Kamikaze Phoenix

Don't laugh: Few people realize that records from the Old West era are sketchy at best.


In a shocking move, Obadiah executes what was to be the first in a long line of Amish panty raids.


There, now my truck is powered by the most abundant resource I have: shame.


Dukes of Hazard, circa 1885... even then, the General Lee rocked!


Please sign our petition to outlaw the use of decoys during Amish-hunting season.

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