Craptions Classics May 23, 2010

Why the dark shirts got to sit in the back?!?!


Other Craptions

As desperate onlookers cry out for a hero, Pac Man is nowhere to be seen.


After the finale of Lost, this will all make sense.


When the crowd of streakers run through this area and I yell "now!", everyone cut the ropes!


I told you to turn right on Panties Street, not Shirt Street! Now go around the block but stay clear of Jockstrap Street....there's a bunch of dicks around there.


Tom Cruise was so deep in the closet he didn't have room for shirts anymore


Oh, I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve. Technically it's 6000 tricks spread out among 4000 sleeves, so, actually quite a lot.

Kamikaze Phoenix

I don't know about you but I'm scared shirtless.


ten bucks says the red shirt goes first.


The new space invaders game wasnt quite the same after budget cuts


"WW Shirts Vs Skins" started as a basketball game, then became a streetfight, a riot, and a feud. You can see that once war was declared, the skins devastated the shirts population, hanging grisly trophies to warn the survivors.

Kamikaze Phoenix

"Our shirts will blot out the sun" "Then we'll fight half naked"


Very easy to find the Fabric District in this city.


The upside is that the air smells like "Tide".


In Islam's notion of bird heaven, all birds get 72 clean shirts to shit on

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