Craptions Classics May 15, 2010

What part of "pregnant women should avoid contact with Rogaine" did you not understand?


Other Craptions

Sure the genetic defect is tragic, but the look on the doctor's face when this came out was priceless.


I line the crib with Velcro and this sucker never gets out


For some reason Luke had a funny feeling that his wife had cheated on him with Chewbacca.


You see what happens when you neglect to clean your drain? DO YOU SEE NOW?!?


Look what the cat dragged HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!


The really weird thing...who shaved the arms and legs?

Colin Murdock

Today scientists announced that they have successfully spliced the DNA from Grizzly Bear and a Gummi Bear. No word yet on why they did this.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Why beastiality is illegal.


The Chia Baby just never caught on.


Art is that which, once it is seen, can not be unseen. Please send an award to the guy who did this. And ask him not to do it again.

Kamikaze Phoenix

If a guy masturbates too much he gets hairy palms... what happens when a girl masturbates too much?


I always knew my girlfriend hated when I got semen in her hair, I had no idea this was the reason.


In some countries, a child made of pubes is considered highly valuable.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Beware what you bargain your soul with the devil for. Yes, he got the biggest hairiest dick ever, as he requested, but .......

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