Craptions Classics May 13, 2010

The day mankind realized the Amish should've never been allowed to see Transformers.

Patrick Riordan

Other Craptions

After the collapse, the police would later report that while 32 people died, no "lives" were lost.


Who matches their loincloth with their boots?


Somehow, bombing the TALIBAN'S World Trade Center didn't seem like a fair trade-off.


They started out making a lawn chair, but they're all tripping balls.

William Chase Mitchel

The wedding ended just like it had begun - with violence and fire.


...what if we build a large wooden badger?


Apparently some people heard it was a Wicca gathering, and some people heard "wicker." No one complained.

Kelly Robinson

"This seems like a lot of work just to keep the crows out of my father's tomatoes." "Shut up and hoist, Bill!"


Based on these women, I'm sure that is the only man that is getting erect...


Ikea lawn furniture instructions translate VERY poorly.


Voltron's American counterpart was decidedly less threatening.

Michael Swaim

This party is about to go from zero to fuckin' awesome!


People cope with the last season of Lost in different ways....


Not once in my life has a chubby guy in a Speedo been the last thing I notice.

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