Craptions Classics May 11, 2010

I find your lack of pants disturbing.

Kelly Robinson

Other Craptions

I sense one hell of a disturbance in the force.


please don't show me your lightsaber...please don't show me your lightsaber...please don't show me your lightsaber...


"Luke, I am your Father's gay lover, Richard"


Come to the dark side ... it's FABULOUS


Somehow the laboured breathing seems more understandable now.

Thomas Calnan

A million voices cried out at once, and then the cops finally arrived.


Tranakin Skywalker.


Well, his daughter IS a princess. Guess the fact that he's a queen shouldn't be that surprising.

Thomas Calnan

Oh this old thing? I picked up at the Darth Mall.

Warren Tilson

What has been foreseen cannot be unforeseen.


Anakin Streetwalker.


The Halloween tradition of dressing as either a favorite movie character or slut has come to a horrifying middle ground.

Patrick Riordan

"Sir, Mr. Lucas is off his meds again, but we've located him."


You don't want to be the one he calls "Chewie".

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