Craptions Classics June 14, 2006

Hey, does anyone have a cig- HOLY JESUS FUCK!!!

johhny karate

Other Craptions

After giving cancer to millions, Big Tobacco decided to switch things up and decided to kill people by just beating the shit out of them.


Silly Asians. Fire won't kill the tampon monster.

Chab Gassie

Tom's buddies thought putting LSD in his cigarette before his big speech would be funny. Tom doesn't agree.


All of a sudden, Wong realized that he did, in fact, have a smoking problem.


In Soviet Russia, cigarette smokes YOU!!


But Smo didn't stop.

Breathing Meat

"I wish I knew how to quit you."

The Other White Meat

Jimmy realized his severe deformities could be off-putting, but all he wanted was one hug.

The Cowboy Detective

Welcome to flavor country bitch.


A new villian seen in previews of the next Batman movie has sparked public outrage at being, "Goddamn retarded as shit."

Conker the Great

Man, i prefered the OLD Grim Reaper-
this new guy rubs things in way too fucking much.....

Major Asshole

In order to stop smoking you must become what you fear.

Various States of Confusion

Our rally in protest of the Saipan Mayor's Office came to an abrupt halt when the Mayor himself made an appearance.

Eddie Lummox

The Chinese remake of Smokey And The Bandit didnt stay as true to the original as some would have liked.

Celestial Gold
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