Craptions Classics May 03, 2010

After funding was lost and the nursing home closed, many of the elderly returned to the wild.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Other Craptions

Someone explain to Grampa how to use Twitter.


And thus, Dick Cheney began his own border enforcement


Known prey: Ensure, cornbread, Werther's Original.

William Chase Mitchel

After years of putting up with that roadrunner's shit, Wile E. Coyote enlisted the help of super hunter Elmer Fudd.


Dude, if you haven't left the nest by now, you're never going to.


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and one fucking stayed there.


Empty Nest Syndrome affects some more than others.


Fire the catapult already! He's nesting!


Harold's hobby seemed harmless enough...that is, until he started pooping on passers-by.


"Well, I, for one, am not about to do a damn thing about it... we need the eggs."


Life after Alcatraz was quite sad for the Birdman.


We were going to put grandpa in a home, until he decided to weave one for himself.


Looks like the divorce settlement did not end well for old Bill...


"Yeah, I know it looks rickety, but somehow it gets us free wireless."

Kelly Robinson
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