Craptions Classics May 01, 2010

Some days you just wake up and say to yourself "I am going out to get coffee, and I am NOT waiting in any goddamn line."

Kamikaze Phoenix

Other Craptions

Rather than concealing the gun, John decided to just divert the crowds attention.


This is why I was always nice to the weird kids in high school


The Fashion Police will never take me alive!


Early Terminator models were easy to spot.


We're here, we're queer. Get the FUCK DOWN ON THE GROUND MOTHERFUCKERS


"I need your clothes, you boots, your motorcycle...oh and that hat! Ooooh and the necklace, that'll do just fine..."


Terminator 7: Try-not-to-Judgement Day.


I love casual Friday at the San Francisco Police Department.


The actual "curse of the black pearls" had nothing to do with boats at all, though this man was later described as a pirate of sorts.

Kamikaze Phoenix

So I love Motörhead and ballet, you got a problem?


Say what you want, Kevin Costner really got in shape for the role.


What-the-fuck-ever. As long as he's not sitting in front of me during the movie.


Watch out boys! He's armed and fabulous!


Now that I have proved to you that this gun is indeed very real, does anyone else think I look stupid?

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