Craptions Classics June 13, 2006

Needless to say, no flashback-prone Vietnam veteran was invited to participate next year.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

With only one plane, a shitload of napalm, and a herd of cattle, Texans kicked off the biggest barbeque in history.


Using only the power of their minds, the villagers tried to take down the passing plane. They missed.

Caption Man

The Bush administration, at last,came up with a way to keep the illegals out.


Lost season 13 started out as most other seasons. The passing biplane didn't notice the roaring signal fire and any hope of rescue is dashed. The aging Jack and Kate look on, unsurprised.

Jimmy the Gent

Jack had to admit that the Cheetoh was pretty big, but World's Largest...?


Once again, Captain Watkins found himself wondering why the "candy for the children" switch was located so close to the napalm release.

reckless abrandon

The people watched in awe as the US designated the clear-cut border between them and Canada.


The crowd felt cheated.... They'd expected the fire jump to be performed on a motorbike!


With the sheer number of geeks that came to help, the Linux community was certain to finally break through the Windows Firewall this time.


Mark decided to consult a doctor after the burning sensation he felt when urinating became worse

Rat Boy

just then the 5th annual gasoline, matches and hard alchohol convention took a drastic turn.


Mike very rarely wore shorts because of his hideous deformity, his leg splitting into two perfect halves from the knee down, but today he did because he knew, amoungst the beer and explosions, most wouldn't notice and he could be just one of the guys


the gays show off that they really are flamers


Trajedy struck the McFly household today: Marty and "Doc" Emmet Brown die in a fireball of jet fuel at the Hill Valley airshow. Reports indicate they were travelling at 88 mph.

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