Craptions Classics April 23, 2010

"Well on the bright side, I don't think she was a witch."

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

"Great practice, guys. Now let's go hit that volcano."

Kelly Robinson

Great. First an asteroid destroys my hamburgers, and now my socks are wet. Fucking great.

Kamikaze Phoenix

"let's have a barbecue," you said... "it'll be fine, promise," you said... "everyone uses rocket fuel for these things," you said...


Worst car wash ever


This is the worst team-building exercise ever. Can't we just go to Dave & Buster's like a normal company?


Fire, water, earth and immigrant labor - the four essential elements necessary for life.


"could you imagine how dangerous this would be if we werent wearing hard hats"


Pedro didn't actually understand what he was being paid to do. He was just happy to find work.


"Oh wow - a hose! We'll just keep using buckets though - for giggles..."

Thomas Calnan

The Village People rigorously auditioned hundreds of guys before they found the perfect construction worker.

Kelly Robinson

God damn X-box 360 always blows up!


They aren't so much firefighting as they are firescuffling.


You know the new chef's going to be a problem when his staff includes a team of fire-fighters.


Best Crack Party EVER.

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