Craptions Classics April 20, 2010

The parade was going well until one of them slipped on a human.


Other Craptions

Donkey Kong was in for a nasty surprise when his kart turned the corner.


Ironically, not a single one of them can do a split.

Kelly Robinson

Either the first banana chick in the front has the nastiest sunburn I've ever seen, or she's half black...


Now watch me YOOOUU crank dat Soulja Boy!


Your sacrifice pleases King Kong.


It has a certain a peel


Is that a banana in your pants, or is that just fucking redundant?


I feel an irresistible urge to peel the little stickers off all of their backs.

Kelly Robinson

Worst. Condom Ad. Ever.


King Kong is about to show you why you can't spell rape without ape.


Folks, you have maxed out on "Dad?", "Mom?" and "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"... as much as I like that song. Negative votes are coming!


They are NOT bananas, they're plantains... either way, you can still see their nuts...


The fifth girl from the right is sick and tired of being the second banana.

Kelly Robinson

They're high in potassium. Er wait, I mean marijuana.

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