Craptions Classics June 12, 2006

The enemy had to admit, it was the best surrender they'd ever seen.

Caption Man

Other Craptions

We're still on the ground! Flap harder!

Linux fan

Sergent Punjabi turned to take a piss on the fence. Nothing interesting ever happened on road patrol.


"YMCA" didn't translate into Arabic as well as was hoped.


Not many people have what it takes for the Xtreme carpool lane.

Joe Pants

Don't ever bother asking for directions in Pakistan


The police unsuccessfully try to draw attention away from the naked lady swimming under the bridge


Finding a parking spot outside the downtown 7/11 always presents a problem - but the staff had developed their own innovative solution.


Sorry Surjeet, we're all out of helmets. Oh, and it's your turn to go on top.


'Shock and Awe' tactics have evolved. A new combat unit trained especially for the purpose, code named 'Sparkle Motion', storms an enemy position.


Even though they didn't complete the jump over the twenty schoolbuses, it still made for a pretty good show.

The Other White Meat

Nobody ever told Ajbir the 50 virgins he would meet after his suicide bombing would be male.


That night, thirteen wives left their husbands.

I wish I had something better



Field sobriety test are getting rediculously harder in Texas....

Rat Boy
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