Craptions Classics April 17, 2010

Do a barrel roll!!


Other Craptions

Dude, is this really the only way to get out of Mirkwood?


There's an app for that.

Colin Murdock

Homeland security stops another shipment of tiny terrorists from the Middle East.


Ralphie was almost free from his prison when someone began singing another chorus of the Beer Barrel Polka.


Lucky the Leprechaun quickly makes a barrel to hide his lucky charms in.


I always knew Donkey-Kong was an anti-Semite.


Reports of drunken midgets in empty beer barrels have been plaguing this microbrewery for years.

I think that guy with the gray beard is trying to smuggle a midget out in his pants pocket!

This is one kegger the students of Mrs. Walsh's 1st grade class will remember for a lifetime.

Kelly Robinson

Oh sure, they'll cheer and have fun when they do it at a public event. But when I do the exact same thing at home, suddenly there's talk of "child abuse" and "kidnapping"...


Looks like the Canned Dwarf Factory is having a going out of business sale.


Answers the question: What did Kenny Baker do between 'Return Of The Jedi' and 'The Phantom Menace'.

Unit 17 tries to remain inconspicuous while trailing their target.


Or as they call it in Mexico: One Bedroom Apartments

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