Craptions Classics April 15, 2010

Personally, I think the Chinese version of Harry Potter kicks ass.


Other Craptions

Arranged marriages suck.


"Gee Dad, when you said you were getting me a Firebird, I was kind of hoping for a Pontiac".


"Examine it closely my son. It will be the only tail you see wearing that get up."


David didn't like it, but his dad never really caught on to technology, and insisted sending tweets by carrier pigeon.


"He will fly from your arm, Notak of the Swev'larth Tribe, and he will be your instrument of vengeance upon our enemies. Mainly, he'll shit on their cars, but he might scratch them a bit, too, so."


As in the Catholic Church, the Inuit religion chicken hawks also wear funny pointed hats.

Kurosawa's Ladyhawke


This is what people in Alabama think Canadians look like.


"You are the bravest warrior in all the fairgrounds."

William Chase Mitchel

As Mr. Miyagi got older, his training changed from unorthodox to a prosecutable offense.


...I will name him Harvey. And nobody will get the reference for another 1400 years.


Who'll gimme $10, gimme $10, how bout $9, who'll gimme $9, $9, $9? SOLD to the lady with the Green Hair & the "HORNY" sign.


Son, you may have my bird, but not the robes. They make me look pretty.


"With this falcon I thee wed."

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