Craptions Classics April 12, 2010

Pretty fly on a white guy


Other Craptions

"Dude, don't move. There's a human on your underside."


Given a choice between the bee and all the lovely ladies behind him, I'd risk getting stung, too.


If BiggusDiccus is right and "ALL THE BEST CRAPTIONS ARE AT THE BOTTOM" and if us lazy bastards did scroll down and vote for them, wouldn't they then be at the top?


Sadly, the true effects of wearing Axe Body Spray are not well publicized.


Really? tennis shoes with a brown pin striped suit? what are you, ten years old?


Not every day you see a bee attacking a wasp.


Pictured: Illegal in 49 of 50 states. (You can still do a lot of shit in Alabama)


It wasn't until Bob asked the bee to sting him lower that his secret was finally out.


Justin couldn't tell if he was buzzed, or was it that giant bee on his back.

Bees can always spot a queen.

Kelly Robinson

Rob was running out of ways to cover up that dowager's hump on his back......


I bet he lets insects into all his friends houses.

Everybody knew Jeff was deaf when he brought a bee to a TEA party.

An unexpected sting operation.

Kelly Robinson
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