Craptions Classics April 11, 2010

Scientists recently discovered the fossilized remains of an ancient fish, which most likely went extinct from its inability to stop sinking.


Other Craptions

Jaws 7: Terror in the Sahara wasn't the strongest member of the franchise


One fish, two fish, red fish, WTF metal terror fish


In Soviet Russia, Nemo finds YOU!


Looks like Bear Grylls already stripped all the edible parts from it.

"For Fuck's sake Odysseus!! The Trojan's are never going to let this thing in!"

Alex Hanton

Teddy Roosevelt's playground equipment.


Al Gore's latest attempt to sell us global warming, er, climate change wasn't very successful at all.


Sometimes, with a fine piece of art such as this, you want to display it in the desert where everyone who passes by can enjoy it.


Ancient Inuit talisman warning of the coming of Sarahcuda and her desire to turn Alaska into a vast ecological wasteland


"This'll keep the kids off my desert."


Yes, Mr. President we found it swimming in your lower intestine, it looks as if the far left wanted to scare the crap out of you and the far right just wanted a laugh, bipartisanship at its best.


"I'll take it!" exclaimed Tim Burton.


Worst glory hole EVER.


We're gonna need a bigger magnet.

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