Craptions Classics April 10, 2010

You must be at least this tall to enter Chernobyl


Other Craptions

When not fighting crime, Reed Richards picked up a few dollars as a migrant fruit harvester.


It always does that when he thinks of Jessica Alba in the nude.

I'm sure that if his other features stretched that big, Invisible Girl wouldn't be invisible quite so often.


You can see the sculpture of Invisible Girl right next to it.


Mr Fantastic always annoyed The Thing by tapping him on the shoulder from across the block.


After Mr Fantastic was purchased by an evil entertainment conglomerate, they injected hardener into his veins and made him point the way to rest rooms.

While Reed Richards was always able to snap back into position, there were parts of Susan Storm that he wished would do that as well.


As long as the Human Torch wasn't around, Mr Fantastic could play pull my finger all he wanted.

This is how far my dick can reach.

Colin Murdock

The sign CLEARLY says no photography. For shame cracked. For shame.


He's OK. I wouldn't say FANTASTIC.


Looks like he just punched that tree.


After retiring from the superhero business, Mr. Fantastic settled down to become one of the least popular proctologists to ever earn an MD.


And yet STILL a better performance than in the movie

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