Craptions Classics June 11, 2006

She desperately tried to escape, but it was no use. The pack of homosexuals would get the number of her stylist one way or another.

Linux fan

Other Craptions

as the hem of Madonna's dress slowly hiked up the last tiny vestige of pablo's heterosexuality died ...

little lost lamb

What is it boy?!? Trouble down at the ol' mine shaft?


Rugrats:30 Years On Truly Lost The Spirit Of The Origanal Series


As Guy Ritchie watched from the front row, he realized that he was a lot cooler before he met Madonna.

The Other White Meat

In hindsight, madonna decided that perhaps a different photograph would have been more appropriate for het latest children's book.


While vilifying them in her books, Ann Coulter was not above asking the gays and immigrants to help find her contact.

Linty Fresh

Richard Simmons' reinvisioned "Clan Of The Cave Bear", with Daryl Hannah and Rick Springfield, limped through only one night on Broadway before critics put it out of its misery.


...and the bear was all like "Growl, I'm gonna eat you!" and he slashed at me like this!

hey suess!

The ancient ritual of initiation into Kaballah was a closely guarded secret for a good reason.

Jackie Chan

(Dude in the back): I see London, I see France... I can see her undy-pants. Oh no wait.. the moon out... or is that Paris Hilton?


Left Hand... Green, Ohh fuck

Rotten Jalapeno
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