Craptions Classics April 07, 2010

In China this is known as "Don't play with your dinner".

Other Craptions

Call me when the dogs are balancing the people.


First one to get bit in the face, wins. And loses.


"Jesus, PETA!! Then what CAN I juggle?!?"

Thomas Calnan

After the weed wore off, Joe and Ben realized they weren't circus performers at all, just incredibly baked.


The one on the right seems to enamored of the dog's tallywhacker than a normal person would.


And for an encore, a drug addled Ozzy Osbourne comes out and bites off the dog's heads.


Lester and Barney's dog audition for the circus didn't go well when Scrappy polpped a big log on Lester's face.


The first rule of Extreme Dog Juggling is you do not talk about Extreme Dog Juggling.


The one on the right tested positive for steroid use and was disqualified.

Colin Murdock

The ambassadors from the Dog Planet had been humiliated enough, and when they got their chance, would order the total annhilation of this planet

During the rapture, only the dogs ascended.


OK you puppies! The first dog to loose his balance will be turned into corndogs for the fairgoers!


The whole show was ruined when someone threw a frisbee.


Man, they got their bitches under control

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