Craptions Classics April 06, 2010

Yay! Let's use these prosthetic legs intended for amputees for our own selfish pleasures!


Other Craptions

Tony Hawk's Pro Douchebag


In the 50s they thought we'd have jet packs by now. We got this. It's kind of like that Christmas when you wanted a Nintendo and got socks.


anything you can do i can do gayer.


Quick! Somebody pull the ground out from beneath him before he lands!


I hate spiders too


"Why isn't anyone looking at me? I am so much more of a douche than the rest of this parade."

Not pictured: The dude with a matching blood type waiting for this douche bag's kidney.


Tony's reckless endangerment and craving for constant attention, has gotten him dropped from many an insurance policy.

Bruce banner was still able to leap great distances, even when not transformed into The Hulk


But Dad, it's my birthday party!


Shaun White doesn't know what the hell this is, but in 5 minutes, he'll have a gold medal in it.

William Chase Mitchel

The Paralympics are sooo much cooler.

Thomas Calnan

Welcome to the First Annual Darwin Invitational!


White Men Can't Jump (without assistance).

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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