Craptions Classics April 03, 2010

Emo Superman is really popular with the girls.

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And what are your superpowers?


Superboy promises not to use his X-ray vision to see under your pajamas if you promise not to point, laugh, or make fun of his junk.


Wonder Woman had an invisible jet. I wish I could say the same for her pantyline.


Becky knew for sure that the pajama party was going to be a drag when she found out it was being chaperoned by the lamer version of Teen Titans.


"I'm sorry Britney, but if Superman becomes visibly aroused, you're too sexy for our party, and as you can see......"

Donna spent the remainder of her high school years as "Wonder Granny Panties".


I thought you were supposed to bring the map! This pink hair doesn't give me GPS powers, you know!


are you sure this is OK for the job interview?


Everybody was too distracted by Wonder Woman's panties to notice the bomb planted under the sandwich board sign.


Chafing is not a superpower.


Visible panty lines! I guess a thong is like your Kryptonite.


They heard someone here stole an apple. It's a slow day.

William Chase Mitchel

I'm sorry, but you knew the rules: last one here had to give Superman a blumpkin.


Dorklyn, New York

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