Craptions Classics June 10, 2006

"I swear officer, It's for personal use only."


Other Craptions

The Triffid hadn't really planned past stealing the car.


I can't believe somebody just left these planted in the ground. Hey, there's another one!

Joe Pants

The Canadian policeman floored the gas pedal and prepared to run the other car off the road. No way in hell would that tree make it to the border.

Linux fan

Sometimes One Pine Freshener Just Isnt Enough


Mary and Pippin convince the ents that they have a faster way of getting to Isangard.

Jay P

Foreign cars don't shave their bush.

Indian Comer

After cleverly disguising his new station wagon, Solid Snake was able to drive virtually un-detected down the highways!


"Great shortcut, honey."
"Shut up, dear."

Senor Taco

The envirnment takes a back seat to modern conveniences.


"Oooh, 'Instant Lawn'. I wonder what happens if I open the box?" Good one, Jake.


Stop him! He's stealing the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection server!

Craption adder

This is stupid... When they said "Nature friendly" i didn't expect THIS friendly

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