Craptions Classics March 26, 2010

There is a number for this position, but you need to use calculus.


Other Craptions

Tiger Woods' practice holes.

Warren Tilson

Toy Story 3 was AWESOME


Exhibit A, or Why I'm Not Allowed In The Ladies Department At Macys Anymore.


Stuff like this always looks demeaning when I'm not involved in it.


This always happens when color blind people try to play Twister on a solid colored mat.

How many blondes DOES it take to screw in a light bulb?

"Questionable Morals Barbie" comes with everything you see here.


Show us on the mannequins where Tiger touched you.


Fruit Roll-Up wrestling was never as popular as mud or jello wrestling.....


I warned them this would happen if they put too much floor wax on the catwalk....

Welcome to Macy's After Dark.


That's not how you do the Gator!

This is why my mother told me to always wear clean underwear.


"I don't care if you're busy now, or what you're doing, I need you to come home and fix me dinner NOW!"

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