Craptions Classics March 22, 2010

Tonight, Road Runner will die.


Other Craptions

For when he wants to go sideways REALLY FAST.


Once I hit sixty MPH I drop one of these babies and I fly like dragon!


Can't talk, gotta go hunt sharks with my moped.


ACHTUNG! Danger! Passing gas!


Bondphobia: Fear of being chased by secret agent down streets of downtown Tokyo with out large metallic object to throw in his path.

Doing his part to reduce his carbon footprint by jamming a rubber hose up his ass and collecting all his personal methane...

While many rock fans collect weird arcana from their favorite artists, Bob's was truly the creepiest. He collected Meat Loaf's used oxygen tanks.


Putting bigger tanks on your rice burner will not turn it into a Harley.

"Who needs a horn? All I need is the sound of two metal cylinders clanking together to get people to move out of my way!"


He had the perfect plan for meeting chicks. He'd sit around nonchalantly until a girl came along and asked him what those tanks were for. "Tanks?" he would respond, "Tanks for nothing!"


Flee plopane! Flee plopane!


Mobile fountain pops were test marketed in Tokyo to no success.


Busy at work, Hiro pauses to remember his favorite photo of his mother: "Where'd she get that wooden shovel? Gilligan's Island?"

Opening scene of a mid-90's Jean Claude Van Damme movie.

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