Craptions Classics March 21, 2010

It's a little known fact that at the center of every atom is a one-man jam session.

Kelly Robinson

Other Craptions

Putting a little meth into his horn before he played was the best idea Bob had ever had


Why isn't there a Black one? This shit is RACIST.


You want to know how good he is? Two seconds ago, before he started playing, the stage was totally empty.


Horn blows good, how about you?


No wonder all my gumballs taste funny.

I never saw a band with balls like this before.


It takes balls to play the trumpet that badly.

Kelly Robinson

Those aren't balloons, they're giant marbles. Everyone here died within minutes.


Until they adopt a standard set of rules, dodgeball will never become as popular a sport as foot ball or basketball.

A little Reveille always wakes up a doped out audience.


The Abba reunion didn't go as well as expected.


The crowd was all out of fruit, and Joe just didn't get the hint


At long long last, Ted's balls dropped.


I never knew Glenn Beck had a house band.

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