Craptions Classics March 20, 2010

Me shovel you long time.


Other Craptions

Like in every Scooby Doo adventure, this monster is really a real estate developer in a costume.

Banishing dirt to the land of wind and ghosts since the last century!


The Sta Puft Marshmallow man sure was cute as a baby, but I never realized he was Japanese.

By the time she realizes that the baby has gone from the pack on her back, that snowman's going to be a long way away.


Very discreet Japanese tampon ad.

Until now, the hideous mutants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been kept hidden from the American people.


"No, I don't like what you did with the living room. Put it back the way it was."


The Adorable Snowman


The Vietnamese peace talks were put off for years because they couldn't agree on the shape of the snowman.


Ye shall be banished forever to the comfy chair.


Joe was sick and tired of going to Japan and having the tortured souls of ghost children always appear in his photographs


After breaking up this snowman with her shovel, little Yoko would grow up to become famous for breaking up other things, too.......


Kim Jong Il has some strange sexual appetite, but he tips very well.....


Everybody was kung fu shoveling.

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