Craptions Classics March 14, 2010

Why does he keep feeding the birds if they keep crapping on his head


Other Craptions

Tony the Tiger demands your sacrifice!


How can a supposedly primitive, neanderthal-like ceremony have telephone cables running through the background?


Johnny was a good looking young man until he discovered internet porn last week.


The crazy part is not feeding yellow M&Ms to the birds, the crazy part is spending all week separating them from the rest of the colors.

His neighbors used to complain until, well guess what he's feeding the birds now....


A pound of flesh doesn't look like too much.


Suddenly, Lumpy wondered, "Why am I working as a scarecrow to keep the crows off the corn so I can harvest it and feed it to them here?"


The people demanded justice. He gave them Goldfish.


Pictured Here: Dhalsim punching Blanka's head so hard it disintegrated into orange dust.


"Man, I hate it when I have to get out of the shower and feed those damned birds!"

So. leprosy. Hilarious.


Force Fed

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