Craptions Classics March 12, 2010

Lemme tell you, boys. A sandjob is not as sexy as it may sound. And it don't sound too sexy.


Other Craptions

Crap... six more weeks of winter!

Thomas Calnan

Years later, Boba Fett emerged with a resounding, "Suck It Sarlacc!"


I think somebody needs to check Charles Manson's cell.... just to be sure.


I guess it takes a long time to tunnel out of prison

Nothing is below the Underminer!

There is a fucking penny down here, and I WILL find it.

William Chase Mitchel

I thought the dirtiest hole was Lady Gaga. I stand corrected.

Hello? China?


"It was this or watch Gigli. It's been 7 years now, but I stand by my choice."


It's the hole dirty hippies crawl out of! Quick, plug it up before anymore escape!


I'm Chris Hansen. So I guess you were hoping to find minors playing in the sand.


No, he didn't hit a sewer line, he always smells like that.

Who knew the Addams Family's Cousin It had a day job?


"Huh, this sand isn't so quick," was Jebediah's final thought.

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