Craptions Classics March 11, 2010

"Jim, that white turtleneck makes you look ridiculous!"


Other Craptions

Uncomfortably Silent Hill.


These mannequin commercials for Old Navy are getting pretty scary.


Fencing for the fabulous!!


As eternal punishments go, Hitler didn't so much mind the excruciating razor mask, but did the devil really have to make him wear such a Jew-y sports coat.


Damned to eternity in Hell? That's no excuse not to look your best. Ralph Lauren, Sinners Collection.


Some people will go to extreme lengths to never have to hear or see Sarah Palin again.

Daft Punk has entered your nightmares!


"Well, sir, we've been able to locate the source of your headache."


You'd think they'd be tough to beat in poker, but when they have a big hand, their slats open and close real quick.


"I STILL can't feel the Force yet, how about you, Larry?"

Oooh everyone! Hey look at me, I'm Greg, my face burnt off and now I need this hideous mask so my...He's behind me isn't he?


Dirk and Jeff were taking no chances at the laser Floyd show.


So, your dungeon or mine?


"See, I told you Obamacare wouldn't be that bad!"

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