Craptions Classics March 09, 2010

Poor kid has Down Syndrome.

Thomas Calnan

Other Craptions

Daddy! Take a picture of me and Teddy by this wood chipper!


Bullshit. She never caught a fish that big.


"No, you idiots! TAR FIRST!"

Kelly Robinson

This kid doesn't really know what the French Tickler is supposed to be....


The French have mastered the art of surrender because they start at an early age.

Where the Wild Things fart


France: cowardly for so long we finally grew feathers


The tragedy is that in a country that considers Jerry Lewis a comedic genius, this is comedy.

In France, everyone is a kiddie porn auteur.


Since the little girl is French, it's safe to assume those feathers will be in her hair a looong time.


I don't see why the french are so freaking snooty. I can think of five ways this pillow fight could be better.....

Noah Cyrus's Paris welcoming was something less than warm.


"Now young lady, you cannot come in for supper until you pick up every single one of those feathers!"


Mimi became upset when her poulette surprise exploded.

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