Craptions Classics March 07, 2010

leaphorse: because leapfrog is for pussies.


Other Craptions

haha. it's funny because he's wearing a gay hat


God dammit Eduardo, stop horsing around!


The horse just realized it almost stepped in horse crap.


Glue Factory?!?! Look at me jump! You wouldn't send a JUMPING horse to the GLUE FACTORY would you?


It was at that very moment that Armando realized he must have mixed up the regular sugar cubes with the LSD laced ones he was saving for later that night.

I'd be mad too if i had a giant tree branch shoved up my ass


I see Brazil is getting ready for their new Olympic sport to debut in 2016. HORSE DANCING


Aerosmith's temporary replacement for Steven Tyler had the right moves and teeth, but couldn't sing a lick.

Tomas' horse warned him that the price he would pay for having him gelded would be a mother fucker.


The riding a horse riding an invisible horse trick had never been tried until the invention of the invisible horse.


Thunder the Break Dancing Wonder horse could really draw a crowd when it got down.

Englebert learned the hard way to never buy a second hand polo pony from Honest Ernie's Friendly Used Horse lot.


Okay, when I say "Giddy-up", I'd like a little more "giddy" and a lot less "up!"

Kelly Robinson

That's one flatulent horse!

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