Craptions Classics March 06, 2010

Hopefully, what ever doesn't kill me, at least gets me laid...

Other Craptions

It's a dirty job, but absolutely nobody has to do it.


Michael Bay on a budget.


Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle


Dad wasn't as upset about the skidmarks in the garage as he was the burn holes in the garage ceiling


This is exactly the moment that Steppenwolf recorded "Born To Be Wild" for.


Adam Lambert does strange things for attention


If this didn't get him into Hell's Angels, perhaps when he died, he'd become one of Heaven's.

The Johnny Knoxville fan club loses more members this way.

After posing nude for Playgirl, Levi Johnson found it harder and harder to be taken seriously.


Pyrovolism is a term for a person that likes to be run over by a dirt bike while breathing fire. Derrick is the only non-Asian person on record with this particular fetish.


And after another lap around the basement the biker does it again while Timmy makes fire come out of BOTH ends.


This is the weirdest megachurch I've ever seen.


Later, at the funeral, the audience understood why this was called, the Leaping Fire of Death.

They were both very specifically suicidal. Tim wanted to be crushed to death under a board. Lou wanted to be burned alive. I guess it was fate that brought them together.

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