Craptions Classics March 05, 2010

And you think it's bad when you park under a pigeon.


Other Craptions

Your move Jumanji!


Regular playgrounds have monkey bars. Billionaire's playgrounds have rhinoceros bars.

Call the fire department. Tell them...tell them it's a kitten.

Kamikaze Phoenix

See? Now this is why I eat only free-range rhino.


If only they had a bull shaped grill to cook it on


It took a lot of patince for the Rhino to wait there until it could slowly be lowered onto Madonna for pleasure purposes.

It may have been the last rhinoceros on the planet, but Sarah Palin was determined to feed her dinner guests something exotic.

...And after it's horn was removed to make an aphrodisiac for the orgy later, the rest of the carcass was tossed in the pile of dead rhinos in the back.


Fraternity hazings at Rhino U are realy brutal.


I guess nobody told them that when you hang a rhino with the horn facing east, it' means your gay and looking tom play.

Yet another African opressed by The White Man.


"I said I need it to hang a LIGHT SHOW, not a rhino


"Nothing, just hanging around. You?"


Well, we have to test out this harness with something to make sure it's safe for Rosie O'Donnell. Any suggestions?

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