Craptions Classics March 04, 2010

"Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a tranny in some pumps..."


Other Craptions

5 bucks her stage name is Bambi.


I'd like to Thumper...

Thomas Calnan

Those squirrels are HUGE!


Cheap hookers and deer as far as the eye could see, but when Larry woke up it had all been a hunter's dream....

Without his mom, Bambi quickly turned to a life of crime.


Ted Nugent is never around when you need him

Next time the sign tells you NOT to feed the animals, you'd damn well better listen!

In the US, we keep dogs as pets and eat deer for meat. In Asia.........

"Look at the rack on that one!" apparently is a phrase never uttered in these parts.


Bambiland was the least successful attraction at EuroDisney.


Why is noone trying to ride them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Look at those nice pieces of tail ... white-tail


Japans national convention: 'What obscure animal to put in our women for the Internet next'

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