Craptions Classics March 02, 2010

He was an out-standing driver.


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You're doing it wro... fuck it, TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT


When grandpa gets a DUI, he REALLY gets a DUI.


"Do you know why I pulled you over? Because I'd like your autograph."


...and that's when Miss Daisy requested a new driver.

Thomas Calnan

Yeah, I get freaked out when a bee gets in my car too.

Thomas Calnan

After defeating the Matrix, Neo would just show up randomly and start showing off.


Jeremy may have failed his driver's permit test, but he aced his getting the hot cheerleader to bang him test.


Kirstie Alley's chauffeur needs to gain some weight


Won't tip over and won't stay on all four. Must be American made.

...comes equipped with driver's side douche bag, standard....

Dancing with the Cars.


Do you have ANY idea how unsafe that is!?!? That's a TOYOTA!


Yes, that's impressive, but no, we're not giving you a license until you can parallel park.


Fortunately, my other car is an ambulance.

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