Craptions Classics February 28, 2010

Police discovered this morning the corpse of a large yellow bird. Efforts are being made to identify the apparent suicide victim, but as yet, there have been no leads...

Kamikaze Phoenix

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From latest article, "12 Famous People That You'd Never Believe Lived In Enormous Fucking Nests."


when you told me the apartment had a Bird's Eye View of the city this wasn't what I had in mind...


Law offices of Harvey J. Birdman, attorney-at-law.


Careful, fellas, that's a load bearing nest.

All I'm saying, Harold, is that Priceline has got a lot of fucking explaining to do.


"What?! You said you wanted a balcony! Why are you crying?"

Kelly Robinson

The first ever balcony sadly did not live up to building fire codes. They all died is what I mean.


Just imagine all the bird shit they have to clean up.


Downstairs neighbors complained to the landlord about the incessant chirping into the night, the white fecal matter dripping down the wall, and the remains of mangled worm carcasses scattered on the ground below.


Robin and the Penguin's secret love nest, high atop Gotham City...


"The previous tenants were a couple of loons."... "You mean eccentric??"... "Um.... no..."

Thomas Calnan

After the success of their hit single 'I Think I Love You', the Partridge Family were able to purchase this modest Manhattan loft.


Big Bird's house on Sesame Street.

CSI: Sesame Street.

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