Craptions Classics February 27, 2010

Tim Burton's nursery.


Other Craptions

Tim Burton's Tim Burton presents Tim Burton.


Just a visual I concocted to explain to my children why Santa Claus wouldn't be coming to our house this year.

Christianity's explanation of Wicca.

Republicans explanation of what causes climate change.


...and THAT'S why I killed all those people, your Honor.


How Iran sees the world...


Whoever said Art was dead...was probably looking at this.

This started out as just a model of a horse, but somewhere along the way, somebody inhaled too many glue fumes.


Guaranteed to give your child nightmares every night!


I have some skeletons in my closet. And my living room.


with today's recession even the legion of doom had to make some budget cuts


It's hard to determine which is more terrifying: a giant skeleton witch riding a grasshopper, or giant skeleton wizard riding a turkey and wielding a giant crayon.

"And then I saw before me a rider on a pale horse. Of course, after that, I saw a wizard skeleton riding a grasshopper, so I was most likely on drugs. You probably shouldn't base your belief system on this shit."


"And so that's basically why we can't teach evolution in schools."

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