Craptions Classics June 09, 2006

Never bring a gun to a gay-fight!


Other Craptions

The community theatre production of Reservoir Dogs somehow failed to capture the spirit of the original.


ZAP! You're gay!

Sacre bleu!


But... how do I know which is the real Jaques and which is the clone?

The Pimp Panther

John Dies at the End: The Movie

ura nus

The old man's warning was true. The forest was infested with Frenchmen. Luckily, we were prepared.

Linux fan

Cindy decided to put an end to this RPG madness once and for all.


Faced with a film that dealt with both race and homosexuality, the reviewing board had no choice but to award all 15 Oscars to "Gay French Pirate Attack 4"

Caption Man

4 hours of of unconvincing fighting and poor innuendo later, the three-way finally began.

Tim S.

"Wait! Stop! Don't you see?! This is what the Blair Witch WANTS us to do!"

Senor Taco

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 had a much smaller budget than number one.


April 21, 1995: The gayest thing ever occurred.


The most alarming aspect of the picture is not the use of firearms; it's that any female would remain in the remote radius of these two friends.

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