Craptions Classics February 17, 2010

The SciFi Channel: We'll make any movie you give us a script for.


Other Craptions

Nobody wants to play with me. They made fun of my cool makeup. Devilhead on a stick, you're the only one who listens...

Kamikaze Phoenix

"Hey everyone look at Rogarth the Cruel Barbarian! He's got a PURSE! Hahahahaha, what a pussy!"


This is the final shot of the final episode of LOST. Man, are the nerds going to be PISSED.


Tim Burton's Bugs Bunny and Tweety show.


Recently, I found an age-gap site called __AgedDemonFriends.com__. My new boyfriend, who is FIVE THOUSAND years older than me, is a very sweet, HORNY LITTLE DEVIL (hee hee)! No joke, we dress up like FOREST ANIMALS, and then run out to have sex WITH


People called him a monster, but that's a re-usable shopping bag...

Thomas Calnan

Everybody wants a little head

Mel Gibson giving instructions on the set of Apocalypto.


Can you blame him? He's been told to report to work at the Corn Cheese concession stand at 6 tomorrow morning.


One must dress appropriately when delivering a pizza to Marilyn Manson's home.


If this doesn't get my parents attention, nothing will.....


No, Mr. Garcia, most of us win by being funny to someone OTHER than our moms!


I went to the edge of the abyss, and all I got was this lousy goat-devil head.


This is the weirdest flea market ever!

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