Craptions Classics January 30, 2010

Plan? No, we're just winging it.


Other Craptions

Birds of a feath...the fuck does he have a yellow laser shooting out his asshole?


Even though it was a punishment, Steve secretly loved being tarred and feathered


The chicken crossed the road to get the fuck away from this guy!


Good to see Nick Cage is getting back to work.


If he sees you naked, he'll try to do unpheasant things to you...

Kamikaze Phoenix

The Birdman of Alcatraz eventually was released, but he never really readjusted to society...


"Yes, it is a beautiful suit sir, but I'm still going to have to arrest you. Bald Eagles are an endangered species, and it seems like you skinned about 30 or 40 to make that thing…"


The little-known but proud and militant Swiffer tribe.


"No no no, I'm NOT bidding, I'm just stretching my wings! I really DON'T have $80,000!"


The wind beneath his wings could use a little magical roll-on...

Kamikaze Phoenix

2010...Day 30. Still no Asians!


The punishment in South America for scratching your ass in public is brutal but fair, and ensures it will never happen again.


He was going to have to sacrifice a human baby to break the curse of the WereChicken...

Kamikaze Phoenix

Never get your sex advice from Animal Planet.

Kelly Robinson
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