Craptions Classics January 26, 2010

"Robin, come here. I've designed a special costume for you to wear just around the Batcave."


Other Craptions

Even though the "Victorian Vampire" chronicles were widely regarded as crap, 19th century teenage girls couldn't get enough of it.


Holy Ankles, Batman! I may not be gay after all!

Kamikaze Phoenix

Bruce never met his great-grandmother, but of course he had inherited her entire wardrobe and estate...

Kamikaze Phoenix

Due to legal difficulties, will no longer be posting photographs of any real people from THIS century on their Craptions page anymore. However, for your enjoyment, here is page 114 of the 1841 Sears Halloween Edition catalog.


Mrs. The Impaler was a bit friendlier than Vlad.

Kelly Robinson

Like many women, she had "gaydar." Unlike other women, she needed to make piercingly high shrieks in order to use it.


Dear Penthouse...


Vampire Nancy Pelosi thought she had destroyed all images of her early life, but a recent discovery of this 1745 woodcarving threatens to expose her carefully guarded secret.


When I was in Catholic School, this is what the nuns told us was the "typical Jewish girl".


I swear i was touching myself BEFORE this picture came up..


Required uniform at the Satan Academy of Demonology for Little Girls.


Cher's graduation photo, circa 1810.


If Twilight had been written in the 1800s... Oh wait, it was. It's called Dracula.

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