Craptions Classics January 08, 2010

It looked bad for Leo. The fox had employed a strong Sicilian defence and ruined his Bonnetti's Gambit. But then he remembered that he was a goddam lion, and the carnage began.


Other Craptions

Furries can't just have sex all the time.


Checkmating ritual.

The SciFi Channel: We'll make any movie you give us a script for.


Think you can out FOX me? Then you are LION to yourself. (Be prepared to read this same Craption 1000 times today)


The bigger crowd is next door watching the wombat and the kangaroo play Twister.

Kelly Robinson

Like most predators, they can only see movement. So this game is going to take FOREVER.


What the ad said: Fox likes to play with her pussy. Wanna watch?

Kelly Robinson

Be careful, some say he's actually a Cheeta.


Cause, you know, we wanna make sure people know we're virgins.


The chess club goes a long way to avoid after-school beatings


Not pictured: vaginas.


This is why nobody watches PBS.

Kelly Robinson

The Narnians have surprisingly genteel pursuits.


In the future all international disputes will be settled by the opposing coutries' mascots matching wits while being refereed by an impartial, easily distracted, douche in a top hat.

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