Craptions Classics January 07, 2010

Pardon me good sir, but might you direct me to the lair of this impostor who calls himself "Burger King"?

Kamikaze Phoenix

Other Craptions

Jeff got fired from Best Buy after his embezzling became too obvious to ignore.

Kelly Robinson

...because that's how I roll, peasants.


You won a Wii Bowing tournament, Barry, jeez. Settle down.


The French were actually feared once.. a long time ago


Rorschach Journal: Fuck this place. I quit.


Sometimes the Make-a-Wish Foundation just has to go along with it.


"Who needs Cinderella? I just love balls."

Kelly Robinson

Each year the New York Yankees celebrate their championships more and more extravagantly.


"You know Tom, I've been thinking, and I think this Prom entrance would be a lot more impressive if we had dates."

Jeff Kelly

There were actually FOUR wise men. One of them had a really shit sense of direction.


When the Pevensie children visited Narnia it was magical. When Prince Caspian took his children to visit the Kingdom of Harlem it was...less magical.


Thou art trying to catch me riding dirty?


Louis VIX, transported mystically into the future, realized he had to quickly learn what a "homo" was, and why he was one, if he were to communicate with the natives.

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