Craptions Classics January 05, 2010

Even the Little Mermaid has a creepy uncle


Other Craptions

Finally, a supervillain even Aquaman can beat.


Stop him! That's the bastard that skinned Cookie Monster!

Kelly Robinson

Which politician is this and what will his excuse be?


Snoop Dogg's Finding Nemo

You can't park your Seahorse here. Other people can, just not you...

Kamikaze Phoenix

And next on our list of "The only 5 ways to make a Segway look any stupider"


50 bucks says that's not the only blowup doll he owns.


That coat? That hat? That ride? Gentlemen, I believe what we have here is a rare SeaPimp!

Kamikaze Phoenix

The perk of pimping is getting to ride your Sea Whoreses.


Another reason why it's essential that you always remember to empty your browser cache.


I think that really creepy guy riding a seahorse and wearing a snuggy is staring at my... oh hey dad..


Sea Monkeys viewed with a microscope.


He hoped no one would notice his foolish looking socks that day.

Kamikaze Phoenix

Some things go beyond kissing your sister and into frenching your dog.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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