Craptions Classics January 01, 2010

Never borrow money from Colonel Saunders.


Other Craptions

I am never ever inviting you cocks to my new year's party again...

Kamikaze Phoenix

Looks like SOMEBODY forgot the safe word again


Brutal hazing of KFC employees exposed: film at eleven.

Kelly Robinson

My New Year's resolution to not drink again didn't last as long as I'd hoped.


Reservoir chickens.


Peter Griffin is fucked.

Col. Sanders finally made his escape after being held hostage for 14 years.

They are the Egg Men. They must be stopped.


There's more than one way to find out the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices.


Bird's Eye for the Straight Guy

Look everywhere! I know I dropped my drugs in here somewhere!

Kamikaze Phoenix



Before the invention of the Heisenberg Compensator, transporter technology often had unfortunate results...


After the Penguin's arrest, his Foul Fowl found work roughing up nerds that still lived in their parents basement.

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