Craptions Classics December 30, 2009

Twilight fans can only be dealt with one way.

Other Craptions

And for my next trick, watch this woman hilariously drown as she desperately tries to escape!


"Hey man, she's asleep, let's draw a dick on her face!" "No, I have an even better plan!...."


The original Avatars weren't as impressive.


Nobody breaks up with the mindfreak. NOBODY.


This wasn't even supposed to be an underwater trick. She just sweats a lot.

William Chase Mitchel

"Hey, you're right, it worked! I don't want a cigarette anymore!"


Damn. Most bottles of tequila just have a worm in it.


...and David Blaine just appeared in Rosie's kitchen!


When magicians divorce


Oh shit, my water broke, get me out, get me out.

Are we recycling people now? Because I have a few candidates!


"Does this tank make me look fat?"

Kelly Robinson

Ok Debra, we're going to ask you a series of 75 questions, if you answer them all correctly you won't drown. Ok ready?..oh well of course you are! Alright first question...damn where did I put the cue cards?


"Umm, Scotty? SCOTTY!"

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