Craptions Classics June 03, 2006

Everything worth knowing about Japan captured in a single photograph.

Caption Man

Other Craptions

OK, you over there can be the left wing. You over there can be the right wing. Ah damn, I guess we can't call that the cockpit.


P.W.O.T. staff.


this is an optical illusion...If you look close enough, you can see students behind the lesbians


Billy had spent $200 on the crack needed to spike the school's water fountains.

In the end, it was worth every cent.

le douche

The I'm a Little Teapot Finals were heating up.


Planty was always the shyest student in the class.

Linux fan

Jim had found the perfect class of pen pals for his special ed class in Jersey.


The worlds coolest school teacher award was rather overshadowed by open lesbianism during the victory photo.


They couldn't understand why no one got the formation signal to help unstick the two girls!


Even after the defeat of the Cloverfield monster. People are still reminded of his presence.

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