Craptions Classics December 24, 2009

No motherfucking Grinch was going to steal Christmas THIS year.


Other Craptions

I find your lack of cookies disturbing.


Luke, I'm your secret Santa.

Welcome to the Darth Mall


Well, they had to work SOMEWHERE after the empire collapsed.


A live performance of the Star Wars Christmas special. There were no survivors.


Cleverly disguised, the empire would make Santa regret all the coal he had given them over the years


You think that's bad, wait till you hear the Wookie carolers.

Not pictured here..Darth Vader... He celebrates Kwanzaa. Get it Kwanzaa.


I can't BELIEVE that someone would defile the sanctity of Star Wars with Christmas costumes! Is NOTHING sacred anymore!?


The night before Christmas it was.


Yule never understand the power of the Dark Side.


"Dashing through the stars, in a one pod open Death Star, o'er Tatooine we go, blasting all the wayyyy..."


I wanted to sit on Darth Vader's lap, but I got scared when I saw his little helpers...

Kamikaze Phoenix

All I want for Christmas is to not get blown up on a giant space station, or, alternately, to not get killed by gay teddy bears.

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