Craptions Classics December 22, 2009

Reason 917 why I became a vegetarian. And a lesbian. And a democrat.


Other Craptions

So, the Devil and a black child are unharmed in the background..then who the fuck did this redneck massacre?


Be very very quiet. I'm hunting Wiberals. Huhhuhhuh.


I'm with Stupid.


If you name your might be a redneck.


Saw IIX: Alabama...there will be blood.....and BBQ


Young Michael Jackson decides at that moment that he's going to get as white as possible.

Glen Beck on his day off.


What did you say about Sarah Palin?!?


Santa's less popular cousin, Bubba Claus.


I'm an Animal Hospital Emergency Room Doctor, my shift is from Noon to 8 PM. The reason why I want you to know that is because I will not get up from from this computer until at least 1 person votes for my Craption. So, vote for me, or the puppy dies


Did anyone see a guy with only one arm go by?


Well, he was smart enough to bring a chainsaw to a knife fight.


Even though he never "worked" a day in his life, Dad always brought home a steak for each of us, every night. We never asked where they came from, but when one of them had a carnival balloon attached to it, the authorities intervened...


Usually they ask for your date of birth. He tells you your date of death.

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